Specialty: Pediatrics
Infants and children require specialized knowledge and supplies. Sowingo provides customized inventory lists to meet your needs.
Sowingo enables Pediatric dental offices to stay organized
Inventory is everything on your shelf and drawers or on the floor, do you know the current value of all your supplies? Its usually significant investment and amount for a clinic so being able to manage this through knowing how much your using is key
Inventory Management
Be empowered, scan items in and out with re-order alerts
Ordering the right amount, at the right time can be tricky understanding what you ordered and what they sent is made easy with the order section. The order section directly emails your rep or choose to phone or fax them your order
Purchase Orders
Create purchase orders and send them directly to your suppliers
There are various tests you need to be compliant and then record to show authorities you are more than compliant with the latest regulation (which are constantly changing), having various staff involved in this process can mean its challenging to keep track of everything in the area of sterilization
Sterilization & Compliance Record Keeping
Be compliant with biological & chemical recording
Being able to see your office spend on supplies, implants, and medication in real time is empowering, gain control of your spend today
Spend & Usage Reports
Understand how, when & where your money is being spent
Pediatric Dentist need to keep a range of sizes on hand for the variety of age clients they see, this can prove difficult, get relief with Sowingo
Dr. Robert Zaichick, General Dentist
Belleville Dentistry
“We've been using Sowingo since 2014, and the changes and improvements along the way have been impressive, but also easy to adapt to. The new implant scanning app has been a huge time saver and really helped us cut back on over-stocking”
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