Specialty: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Your practice requires specialized supplies to perform dental implants, dentoalveolar surgery & anesthesia. Sowingo is able to provide customized inventory lists to meet the requirements for your surgical office.
Sowingo enables Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery practices to stay organized
Implants are expensive and having the right size that is not expired is critical to a successful surgery leap ahead of the competition with this all-in-one solution which helps with surgical implants, healing abutments, bone grafts, membranes and more whether you are looking up tapered 3.8mm or placing block allograft or cortical you can be sure Sowingo tracks it
Manage implants by lot number & details in case of recall
Medication management is critical to successful clinics not only emergency drugs which often and hopefully expire before use but also the general medication used in various surgeries, track not just the expiration, but the DIN, lot number and cost
Know when important medication is expiring or out of stock
An expired certificate can make all the difference whether it is for first aid or a doctor recertification, they matter and getting reminders ahead of time can make the difference
Receive renewal reminders all in one place
There are various tests you need to be compliant and then record to show authorities you are more than compliant with the latest regulation (which are constantly changing), having various staff involved in this process can mean its challenging to keep track of everything in the area of sterilization
Sterilization & Compliance Record
Be compliant with biological & chemical recording
OMF Surgeon Dr. Hui has leverage Sowingo to track and manage implants, he said its made for OMFS
Dr. Donald Hui, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Clinic OMS
“Everything about Sowingo has been great, but the implant module tracking by referring doctor, lot number is just brilliant. It's made for oral surgeons!”
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