Features That Matter

Your dental practice requires specialized supplies and tools. Sowingo’s incredible features provide you with customized inventory lists to meet the requirements your office needs.

Dentist computers and devices running Sowingo’s cloud based dentist inventory management software

Inventory Management Mobile & Web App

Scan dental items in and out with powerful low stock re-order alerts

Be empowered to have your supplies organized online, and scan items in and out using the Sowingo cloud-based mobile app. Custom dental inventory lists track all your sundries such as gloves, gauze and bibs with re-order alerts. One of our great features is to know at a glance what you have, where it came from, what you paid, where it’s stored and when it expires.


Create and send purchase orders directly to your suppliers with ease

Add dental products to your shopping list and easily create purchase orders to send to your preferred suppliers. Automatically restock dental inventory as products are received and track partial fulfillment or backorders. Manage all your orders from suppliers to save money, time and become a better organized dental office.



Stay compliant with important infection control requirements

Keep track of your dental instruments and sterilization in terms of biological & chemical testing with easy-to-use online record keeping to keep your dental practice compliant with your industry best practices.


Track implant sizes & expiration dates so you're always prepared

Easily track purchased and consignment implant supplies with our inventory management mobile and cloud-based web app. Sowingo’s features also enables tracking of cover screws, healing abutments, bone grafts and membranes. Our comprehensive cloud database makes it simple to maintain a real-time and accurate history for all implants and regenerative materials. Implants are tracked by lot number for easy access in case of a recall.

Sowingo dental inventory app running on mobile smartphone app open on dashboard with a tooth implant drawer product
Sowingo dental inventory app running on tablet app giving a red bell notification about general dental medications


Know when important medications are expiring or out of stock

Sorted into emergency and general dental medications. Receive critical alerts when medication are running low or about to expire so you can always stay organized and prepared.


Receive critical renewal reminders all in one easy to use location

Manage and track legal certifications for staff licenses, insurance, equipment or permits all in one place. Easily setup automatic email renewal reminder notifications, so your dental practice is stress free.

Thin white laptop running Sowingo cloud-based software on spending reports page also green charts with mathematical percentages


Understand how, when & where your money is being spent in the office

Instantly review easy to read detailed reports on where and how your money is being spent. Understanding spending can give insights to better plan and negotiate with vendors to avoid last minute orders.


Easy access to SDS Sheets all in one easy to use place

Our unique features allow you to manage electronic records of all your SDS sheets (previously referred to as MSDS) and ensure you can find exactly what your looking to avoid a $12,000 fine.

White computer monitor running Sowingo cloud-based software within the ODA dental marketplace


Click, order and re-order, buying made simple

Our simple yet fully featured online marketplace allows for price comparison shopping and one click re-ordering at your fingertips.

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