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By Team Sowingo | April 25th, 2018

New Technology before Retirement?

Many owners close to retirement might shy away from technology thinking the extra burden is too much or won’t pay off but studies show that implementing tracking software like Sowingo can increase values over 10%.

It’s akin to selling a house with manuals and documents versus limited documentation, buyers can feel they are going in blind without documents. In addition, often in implementing a tracking system you find immediate savings which result in the clinic having a lower overhead rate, a great selling feature.

Tim Brown, Canada’s largest dental office broker described a deal that almost feel through because the new owner discovered over $15,000 of expired medication. It which made him question the practices of the clinic he was buying. Systems like Sowingo give immediate insights including expires.

How hard is getting a new technology adopted? This question depends on how easy it is to use and the support given. At Sowingo, we have made an easy to use system which works on the web and mobile with a few clicks. Our support is unlimited available by phone, screen share, or chat.


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