Helping You Manage Your Supplies

Sowingo is North America’s #1 cloud-based eCommerce and dental inventory management platform that enables you to save time, save money and never run out of supplies again - ever!

Empower your practice by connecting your inventory to real-time data and alerts for low inventory and expiring products to easily shop with the click of a button.

Save Time. Save Money.

Save Time.

Save Money.

Most dental practices order supplies via phone, email, sales reps or even still sending a fax. This means you need to manage multiple deliveries, from multiple suppliers, making it easy to lose track of the products you have, and more importantly, the products you need.

Sowingo makes it easy to order everything you need and automatically add it to your inventory to make tracking a breeze. When products are running low or expiring you get notified to ensure you always have exactly what you need to make your practice run smoothly.

Why Sowingo?

Whether you operate a dental, dental specialist or medical office, Sowingo will help you save time and money with an integrated shopping and inventory solution in one easy-to-use platform. Plus, Sowingo is ideal for all practice types, from a single practice to multi-practice groups of any size.


  • Shop our marketplace for everything you need.
  • Manage everything from sundries to medications.
  • Get real-time alerts on low product levels and expirations.


  • Manage implant quantities and reserve implants for patients.
  • Shop for everything from sundries to medications and implants.
  • View implant reports including referring doctors, implant case details and more.


  • Shop for every practice in one easy-to-use eCommerce platform.
  • Gain insight into spending for all practices in a single dashboard.
  • Get real-time alerts on low product levels and expiry dates.


  • Shop for everything your practice needs in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Save money faster with real-time product promotions and sales.
  • Track orders and shipments and add to inventory in one click.

Sowingo has helped us gain control of an enormous implant inventory
with an intuitive and attractive user interface.

Andrea Rhodes MBA, Administrator
Carolinas Oral & Facial Surgery Center


  • Shop for everything your practice needs in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Save money faster with real-time product promotions and sales.
  • Track orders and shipments and add to inventory in one click.

For years I’ve been waiting for something other than a spreadsheet or
a cardfile to track my implant usage and inventory. When I found
Sowingo, it sounded like exactly what I needed.

Dr. Alan Dalessandro DDS, Owner
Dalessandro Implants and Periodontics

Sales Tracker

  • Get notified when the products you use and need are on sale.
  • Multiply the savings by instantly finding the best deals.
  • Quickly search for products in your inventory that are on sale to save on every order.


  • Real-time insight into exactly which products you need without having to waste time counting inventory.
  • Quickly and easily scan products to remove from inventory.
  • Get notified with real-time alerts of when products are running low to easily reorder.
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  • Get notified in real-time when supplies are
    running low or expiring.
  • Order exactly what you need and never over order again.
  • Empower staff with the tools to solve inventory disasters before they happen.

Usage & Spending Reports

  • Easily monitor your spending by supplier or product type.
  • Gain transparency into how your money is being spent and stop overspending.
  • Set budgets to control costs and gain insight into spending habits.

Sowingo has simplified inventory management for our multi-location practice.
Using a single application we have the ability to track everything.

Stephanie McPhail, Procurement Officer
Arygle Associates Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


  • Keep your practice protected with Sowingo’s compliance tools.
  • Get alerts for missed sterilization testing, licensing renewals and more.
  • Save time and reduce stress with simple 24/7 access to all of your records.


Dr. Bobbi Stanley

Practice Owner
Stanley Dentistry

“A more efficient and productive clinic”

"Not only do I use Sowingo in my North Carolina dental practice, I recommend Sowingo during my implant and business courses at Stanley Institute for Comprehensive Dentistry. Clinicians looking for help in their dual roles as business owner and dentist must try Sowingo.”

"My favourite feature is the implant module to track the implants I placed."

Dr. Albert J. Haddad

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Yorkville Toronto Dental Specialists

Dr. Timucin Ari

Practice Owner,
Pediatric Oral Health
and Dentistry

“Organized with peace of mind”

"After one year Sowingo has become the hub of our clinic, from inventory management to certificate management and sterilization. I Strongly recommend Sowingo to anyone who wants everything organized with peace of mind."

Dr. Russell Kirk

Procurement Owner
Tennessee Implant & Oral Surgery

“I highly recommend Sowingo”

“Using Sowingo we currently manage all of implant supplies, emergency and anesthesia medications, as well as a team credentials. If you are struggling with overstock, supplies expiring unnecessarily, or need to tighten up your supply costs, I highly recommend Sowingo.”

"Sowingo has helped our office save a lot of time"

Emily Watson

Registered Dental Assistance
Clearview Endodontics

Dr. Robert Zaichick

Practice Owner

“Using Sowingo since 2014”

“We've been using Sowingo since 2014, and the changes and improvements along the way have been impressive, but also easy to adapt to.”

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