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Manage Your Supplies, While Saving Money

Sowingo is a cloud-based eCommerce and dental inventory management solution that enables you to save time, save money and never run out of supplies or inventory – ever again! 

Empower your dental practices with real-time data and alerts for low inventory and expiring products. Easily purchase dental items with the click of a button.


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Old Way

Most dental practices order via phone, email, sales reps and still sending a fax. This means you need to manage multiple deliveries, from multiple suppliers, making it easy to lose track of the inventory you have in your clinic, and more importantly, the products and items you need. 

Sowingo Way

Sowingo makes it easy to order everything you need and automatically add it to your inventory to make tracking items a breeze. When dental products are running low or expiring you get notified to ensure you always have exactly what you need to make your practice run smoothly. It’s the fastest and most effective way of getting what you need on time, every time.

Why Sowingo?

Whether you are a general dentist or dental specialist, single practice or multi-practice, Sowingo can help you save time and money with an integrated shopping and inventory solution all in one easy-to-use professional cloud platform. 

General Dentist

Dental Specialist



Inventory Management and App

Gain real-time insight into exactly which dental products you need to restock without having to waste valuable time counting stock items.

Quickly and easily scan dental products to add or remove them from your inventory.

Get notified when stock items are running low with trusted real-time alerts. Never be unorganized again

Thin white laptop running Sowingo cloud-based software on spending reports page also green charts with mathematical percentages

Usage & Spending Reports

Easily monitor your dental spending by supplier or dental product type, saving you time and money.

Gain transparency into how your money is being spent and stop overspending now.

Set budgets to control costs and gain insight into spending habits.

Save Time and Money
with Sowingo


Easily track purchased dental and important consignment implant inventory.

Manage your Implants & Restorative Materials.

Scan to Add or Remove Implants as you place them with our easy to use cloud-based mobile app.

Sowingo dental inventory app running on mobile smartphone app open on dashboard with a tooth implant drawer product

General Inventory Management

Manage your dental supplies online, or easily scan items in and out.

Add multiple quantities and track important dental inventory.

Scan to remove or add inventory with our straightforward cloud-based mobile app solution.